I kind of wish I had posted a blog yesterday morning but I thought I would hold out– thinking I would have even better news to report….getting greedy. Steve showed a lot of improvement over the weekend from late Saturday through Mon afternoon. His lungs were showing signs of increased flexibility. They were able to decrease a lot of the support and cut back on sedatives. He was starting to react to what are probably quite uncomfortable repositioning and pokes and prods that occur throughout the day— a furrowed brow, raised hand or leg, the kind of moves you see your kids make when they are dreaming. When I was explaining to my brother that his muscles will have atrophied significantly during this process, Steve literally started doing some leg lifts…He is LISTENING!

Unfortunately he couldn’t stay relaxed enough to work with the ventilator on the reduced sedatives. He took a major step back yesterday evening and early this morning……three steps forward and two back. This is pretty typical for people struggling with the types of breathing conditions and support that he has.
This morning they had to return him to much higher levels of oxygen support and increase the sedatives….disappointing but perhaps his body just needs more time before they can cut back so quickly on the sedations and oxygen support.

We will be praying that he can be restful and calm so that his breaths can come easier.

Peaceful wishes,